Innovative and Effective Car Anti-Theft Solution

CanLock - Effective anti-theft security for cars from 2005 onwards.

We create devices with great precision. This digital device is a very effective protection against all known methods of vehicle theft. In this also the most popular method recently – keyless suitcase.

The key features of the device are as follows:

  • Theft-proof for a keyless suitcase
  • The smallest and most technologically advanced solution on the market
  • We do not cut any wires during assembly
  • It does not emit any radio signals (no scanner can see it)

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Take care of your safety.

Did you know that a skilled thief is able to steal your car equipped with a keyless key in 6 seconds with the so-called keyless suitcase theft?

We meet this theft with our smallest and most advanced anti-theft device in Europe, which secures your car against all the latest theft methods.

All this is done without cutting any wire in the car’s wiring harness, so new cars do not lose their warranty.

We do not interfere with the car’s electronics, we use appropriate buses to secure the vehicle against theft.

As the only one in Europe, we successfully secure PlugIn Hybrid and Hybrid electric cars against theft

Why to use CanLock in the car?

E20 approval

A product with a Transport Technical Inspection certificate, E20 approval – proving the high quality of the tested product. The protection is made in Europe, which proves its high quality.

Warranty retained

Do you have a new car under warranty? Gasoline, Diesel, Electric? Do not worry. We will not cut any wire and you will not void the manufacturer’s warranty.

Possibility to transfer

You pay only once to secure your car and the device is yours. When changing the car, you can transfer the protection to the new car. There are no subscriptions.


As one of the few anti-theft systems on the market, our security devices are tested and approved, which is a guarantee of safety and satisfaction.


Unlike traditional Chinese alarms or immobilizers, we do not cut any wires, so the devices are 100% safe for the advanced electronics of modern vehicles.


The device is technologically developed and manufactured in Europe, which proves the highest quality of the product.


We are the only company in Europe to secure electric cars: Plugin Hybrid and Hybrid. Our system is the most modern system on the market.


Anti-theft systems do not require any additional knowledge to be able to operate them efficiently. They do not create any problems when operating the vehicle.


When changing the car, it is possible to transfer the protection to the new car. Thus, you only pay for the device once and you have it forever. We do not charge any subscriptions.

Official European
CanLock Assembly Service




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Great Britain



Yes. This is confirmed by the E20 approval tests.

An additional advantage is the highest standard of equipment production.

The devices are safe for the latest vehicles, do not cause errors in the drivers and may be invisible when visiting a car wash or vulcanizer.

Installation takes about 2 hours. After assembly, we also explain how the system works.

Yes, the devices have a service mode. Thanks to this functionality and its activation, the devices are deactivated when the car is driven to a car wash, to a vulcanizer, or to someone we do not want to talk to about security.
The device is the size of a small lighter. We do not reveal the place where devices are installed in cars for natural reasons.

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Our offer is addressed to the owners of new cars under the manufacturer’s warranty. As well as to the automotive industry in order to establish cooperation. We are the only company in Europe to successfully secure new electric cars.